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Inventory Information

We are currently entering our windows into an online searchable database. Approximately 30% of our indoor windows are on this database (the majority of which are reframed). If you wish to search all of the currently inventoried windows, search using the default values. Since only a small portion of our total inventory is online; visit our location for more selection. Note that in the summer, we have roughly 1000 more windows (in their original frames) displayed outside.

For purchasing online, please use our Order Form. If you wish to place a 7 day hold to purchase a inventoried window in-store, email or call us. Please note that the listed prices do not include any applicable taxes (e.g. HST) or shipping costs.

We currently ship on a case by case basis. We suggest PakMail but we will provide a quote from another shipping and packing company if requested. At this time, we recommend visiting our location to purchase windows.

As-Is Windows
All windows are sold "As-Is". If there are any apparent faults of a window, there will be a photo of them at the window's gallery page. This is denoted in the FAULTS column. An official invoice will include a brief description of all apparent faults. Note that these are antiques and will often have some signs of wear due to their age.

All windows in this database (with a dozen or so exceptions) have been reframed. These new frames use a similar tongue and groove method like the antique frames. Our framer starts with planks of 'white wood' and mills it and shapes it to the desired proportion. The joints are mitered and each end is secured with long screws, that can be seen on the side edges. One end of the frame is also glued. The frame is hand sanded before a stain and sealer are applied. Our framer has created his own stain and the general appearance is often felt to be walnut-like look. Unfortunately, Ed (our framer) is extremely busy and doesn't take any other commissioned work.