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Our History

The Stonehouse of Campbellville was opened in 1976 by Dorothy and Jim Singleton. Jim had recently retired as the Director of Education for Halton County, and this was to be his "hobby".

Initially, the shop featured only "Canadiana" and many buying trips were made to Quebec. Then, around 1980, we shifted to buying oak and mahogany furniture imported by others, from England. At that time, we started to sell just a few stained glass windows. In 1982, we made our first major step into windows, purchasing 1000 from the warehouse from a major restaurant chain that was going out of business. After this event, we started to become known as "that shop with all the windows".

As time went on, windows became our specialty. Jim passed away in 1985, and from then on, the business became a hobby for Dorothy and her son, Paul. Several of Dorothy's grandchildren have, over the years, also started to become involved with the business. In 1986, we imported our first 20 foot container of only windows. At that time, we were purchasing in the Manchester and Glasgow area. However, by 1989, all window purchasing in Scotland had stopped because there were so few windows left to buy.

Of all the antique shops you will ever visit, we believe ours is one of the few to which you will regularly return. Many folks just come to enjoy seeing the new designs and paintings on glass, to bring friends and relatives for a day trip, or just to talk about old stained glass. A special feature of our shop is the "light" room, which is seen in the galleries on the site. In this room, we display our special windows, ranging from the higher end material to religious pieces.

During the summer, the driveway is filled with special display racks. The newly arrived windows from England are displayed on these racks. Our store also has a "covered area" on the end of it, which is an extension to the store. It is roofed with clear plexiglass, and allows the sunlight to come in and shine through the approximately 1000 windows that are displayed beneath it all year round.