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Welcome to The Stonehouse of Campbellville

We are a retail store selling antique English leaded stained glass windows.
Our antique store has been family-owned since it was established in 1976 by Jim Singleton.
It is one of the key fixtures of the Campbellville community to visit.

On display, we have roughly 2,500 windows in the summer and 1,500 windows in the winter.
Most of our stock are secular windows originally from townhouses nearby Manchester, England.

We have a gallery of discounted windows, relgious windows, and our online (searchable) inventory on our website.
In addition to this, if you are on our mailing list or have liked our Facebook group, you will receive a notification of special events or sales.

Within the indoor gallery, we encourage you to visit the "light room" which typically displays some of the more intricate and unique pieces.
Also in the light room, there are several "cartoons" on the ceiling that artists have used to in the stained glass window creation process.

Artisans work on repairing windows on weekdays and are able to demonstrate the methods of working with antique windows.
Feel free to ask them any questions you may have expecially about stained glass creation and stained glass design styles.
Many of our artisans are available to do commission work such as repairs or creating new windows.